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Managing Narcolepsy in Middle School

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Hey N2tigger. I completely agree with DeathRabbit about the energy drinks. I just turned 17 last month, and prior to that I was downing Monsters, 20oz Coffees, Rockstars, Redbulls, anything that would help me stay awake. Eventually I realized that while it provided no increase in alertness it definitely caused me to crash after. CAFFEINE AND SUGAR just make things worse for Narcoleptics. Some people do see a result from their coffee drinking, but it just made things worse for me. 


Death Rabbit, it's funny you mention the wetting the bed thing. While I don't like to admit it, it happens once in a blue moon still. Up until I was 14 it was almost weekly. Every time it happened I would be peeing in a dream too. Things were just so natural and vivid that it seemed wrong not to pee in my dreams.  I still pee in my dreams but somehow i've trained myself not to actually pee. I didn't think this was anyhow related to N but I guess it is haha. 

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