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#1 imbelievn2ru



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Posted 08 October 2007 - 09:52 AM

Figured that I would be the first on to post in this forum.

Personally having issues with Social Security Administration and or potential emplyers.

Have troube getting disability approved
Have trouble with just how much do you tell a potential employer on?

I have not only Narcolepsy but chronic fatique syndrome, fibromylgia, degenerative bone disease, onset diabeties, severe edema, and now possible lupus.

What can someone advise a person to do?

#2 supercat



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Posted 08 October 2007 - 09:24 PM

Everyone gets turned down the first time applying for SSI. Get a lawyer and have your doctor's support to get it approved.

Have you thought about working from home? Does a boss really have a right to know about anyone's medical problems? I think that would be a form of discrimination. I feel it would be up to you to tell them about your medical condition.

I hope this helps.

#3 Marinaki



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Posted 13 October 2007 - 02:23 PM

I don't know how bad your narcolepsy is or your cataplexy for that matter, but what i have done is resorted to taking a nap everyday on my break, seeing as i take my break everyday at the same time.

Sometimes it is hard for 'others' to understand that napping does not prevent sleep attacks... but for me my 'nap time' happens to be around the time when my body starts to crash. I have also found that taking my provigil at the same time every morning 10 min after i wake up works best for me. On nights that i have to go out past midnight i take a half or a whole provigil at 3pm. and take a sencond nap around 530.

As for my current employer I told them after I signed my contract. Your employer is required by law to provide "reasonable accomidations" for you disability. I nap on my break... I do though work in a very active enviornment i work with children. If i was at a desk all day I might just pass out... lol. My accomidation is that everyday i receive my break time at the SAME time. Occasionally if i feel a sleep attack coming on after my break i will do some jumping jacks... hey it works for me. smile.gif but if it is a heavy attack i will cover my room and take a walk for 5 min outside or go in the bathroom and close my eyes for 10 min.

#4 Dan M

Dan M


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Posted 18 October 2007 - 11:50 PM

For me it was 'easy', I was such a pain, they wanted to get rid of me, and helped with my disability application and Social Security.........
I got almost immediate positive responses for both.

Actually, I worked for Veterans Admin as an RN. I am service connected for Narcolepsy (don't ask). My hospital really did try to accomodate me in a nasty sort of way. I filed a EEO complaint and won at which time I put in for disability retirement. They helped me get my application through. (I was also a union rep.)

I think the Federal agencies have a way to mark the application that they strongly support your claim, and that OPM and Social Security do not fight the application but process it on through. They were most willing to state that they could no longer accomdate me.

Therefore, if you are unemployed, and need a job, try to go to work for the government and GET INVOLVED IN YOUR UNION! I am not a unionist, but I knew I would need all the help I could get to stay employed, and for a few hours of my time a month to volunteer, I got a gorilla to help me. They do have to help in disiplinary cases such as sleeping on duty. They do not have to give more than cursory help to members in ADA cases. Or if you are their friend, they can go all out.

On my application, I wrote very 'quietly' that I had narcolepsy and it was controlled by meds. I down played it, but the fact that I put it on the application helped 10 years later with EEO and disability applicaton. It is always a difficult choice.

Good luck, Dan M