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Insurance troubles?

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Posted 18 February 2008 - 02:22 AM

I have a question. I was recently diagnosed with narcolepsy about 5 weeks ago. Do I have to tell my insurance company? What happens if I fall asleep while driving and get into an accident? Will it be covered if I had a medical condition they don't know about since I didn't tell them? My doctor initially said I couldn't drive or work due to the severity of the results on the sleep study. I convinced him I would only drive when alert and not sleepy. He agreed and also let me continue going to nursing school. I am dropping out this week due to the fatigue and stress. I was unable to reschedule tests for a later time. They would give me longer, but they started at 8am when I am always half dead- and I have to drive to school! It wasn't working. I faiked every test plus I have bipolar disorder which makes everything so much worse. What should I tell my insurance company. Do I have the right to make the school let me take my test at a later time? Help!

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Posted 20 February 2008 - 10:21 AM

I think i know how you feel. I haven't driven for two years due to being so sleepy. I too have bipolar disorder and it seems to make things worse, not to mention my medication makes me sleepier. I was fired from two jobs because i couldn't get there on time and was sleepy all day. I find it hard to learn new things. I am so sorry about your problems with school and driving. It feels good to know we are not alone. I'm not working anymore and I get the worse case of cabin fever and since I can't drive anywhere I feel like a shut-in. I wish things were different. People don't seem to appreciate our problems, they think we're just a little sleepy. Hang in there!

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Posted 13 April 2008 - 03:34 PM

To answer your last question first, you have every right...I took my SAT and AP tests after 12pm and as it is a disability, they must meet you demands. At least, if you are in the U.S., the laws elsewhere I don't know tongue.gif.

As for alerting your insurance company, that depends on the state/country you are in, every one is a little bit different. Where I am you must alert your IC and the DMV and cannot drive without clearance from your doctor having gone at least 6 months without a lapse of consciousness (easy huh?). You could not tell I suppose, but that may be insurance fraud and if you get in a wreck and they find out that you knew you have narcolepsy the fault could be all on you (but I'm no insurance expert by any means, so be prepared to disregard all this smile.gif). I'm not entirely sure where you could find the laws in your area, but here they were in the driving laws handbook, I think. I was diagnosed a few weeks before I would have gotten my license dry.gif.