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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, Has anyone out there received a false diagnosis for narcolepsy? Is it even possible? I have a mystery illness that I can't figure out and I have seen all the main specialist and done all of their tests and found nothing but a few elevated antibody tests. Finally had an MSLT, I went straight into R.E.M. For the first two naps and screwed up the other naps because I took a tiny dose of adderall so I could stay awake between naps (this was after the second nap). It was so painful to stay awake, I didn't even think how adderall could possibly screw up the rest of the tests, derr.. I was dumb and tired, what can I say. Either way, I had two naps going straight into R.E.M. which qualifies me as having narcolepsy. I was in complete shock because it wasn't even on my radar as a possibility. When I talked to my doctor he said he is almost sure I have it, almost sure?? He said, that because it was the first two naps, it could be that I was still in the circadian ryhthym time frame and that could cause a false positive. Then my sister tells me that her sleep doctor told her that sleep apnea can so give a false positive. Has anyone experienced this? I have so many other symptoms that I either have narco plus other stuff or maybe whatever is going wrong in my body is causing the narcolepsy. I would love to hear from anyone with info or experience with this, thank you so much!