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  1. I like it very much. Usually, my top picks in music are from the 80's. Walk of Life by Dire Straits is my all time fav. Anyway, this is cool!
  2. What is "automatic behavior"?
  3. I drive but don't dare go any further than an hour from home. I don't want to get stuck somewhere and have to stop every 30 miles or so to sleep and or wake up. I used to drive 3 hours from home to go to an ex-f but it was very stressful because after about 20 minutes I'd start to get sleepy and it was hard to stay awake. I've had nano-seconds where I'm waking up with really scared when I realize one minute I'm awake and then not. If I ever hurt anyone I'd never forgive myself. I can slap myself, blast cold air and the radio, doesn't matter, if I'm gonna sleep I'm gonna sleep.
  4. Did you do that on purpose? Sometimes, lots of times, I fall asleep at my computer for seconds maybe and when I "come to" I have a long string of k's across my computer screen. Its ALWAYS K. I am consistent if nothing else.
  5. I do get that extra Jolt/Buzz and yes, sometimes it hurts really bad. I talked with my psychiatrist and she said its like a mioclonic epilepsy/seizure kind of thing. And sometimes I have done stuff like almost get thrown out of my chair by this "electric thing". That is no fun when you wake up on your hands and knees and your knees aren't that young anymore. Also, I have hit my face sometimes on my computer keyboard. Sounds funny but doesn't feel funny, lol.