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  1. I hid the post that has the link in it so no one will click it by mistake.
  2. I would think that only sleep doctors can prescribe Xyrem.
  3. Hi Karne, It seems you are describing sleep paralysis - I have attached our Questions & Answers flyer - you will see in the flyer that question 3 lists the primary symptoms of N - and what they are -- I think you will see what I mean! I attached our no graphics version - its a smaller file just in case you have space limitations on your PC or laptop. Let me know if this helped you or not. Take care, Joyce Q&Abrochure_no graphics Mar2013_for_website.pdf
  4. Hi Sisu, thanks for the heads up!

  5. More details for this year's conference and the register button for online registration is now up on our conference page on our website -- visit Hope to see you in Cleveland and as this year's conference motto states we will be "banding together over Narcolepsy"!
  6. Well I have enjoyed reading about the conference now I feel like I was there at those sessions! And as always I enjoy Emo's take on me always behind the desk! It does seem that way to me but I do have Amy and Kathleen as my back ups! Someday i will get it right and attned a session with Emo! Oh and about getting compliments - I'll take any I can get even the "sideway" ones. Well we are busy with this year's conference in Ohio - and will get the dates ASAP! We know that there are many who need to know the dates so they can plan - if you dont see it on the messge bords you will see info on our website!! Emo keep up the good work and if you need me you know where to find me! LOL
  7. Thank you Emo for doing this! I have always enjoyed your posts and stories! Keep up the good work. Have a Merry Christmas and a great 2012!
  8. Going to the conference will change your life - no matter what is on the agenda! Trust me - I have been to 12 or more and I have meet others with N, made friends, and learn about the up and coming news and research. Had good food and got to travel whats not to like? I hope to see you there.
  9. Hi superman, Hope your 4th is fun - I will try to get to the fireworks in my town but you never know since my N does not always allow me to be active enough late in the day. Hope yours fun! Take are

  10. well it a nice day here , but woke up to news that puts our plans for the 4th of july up in the air yet again becuz of the NArcolepsy. my friend&i love the 4th and love watching fireworks for what we can see of them till the fireworks make us go down. but everyone is freaking out and being too protective and basically making excuses to us. what do u do for the 4th usually?

  11. Hi, this is the place to find others - if you are looking for a support group contact the Narcolepsy Network ([email protected]) or 888-292-6522 - Take care, Joyce

  12. Hi Johnna, welcome to the boards!
  13. I was at the conference and once again it was an exciting and wonderful time! I also worked the conference at the registration desk - got to meet all the members and their families and friends, all the speakers etc! Ran into old friends and new ones! The hotel was beautiful and the food was great. The only problem I can think of is that at times the elevators were slow - considering that being a very low item to complain about - I had a great time! We are begining to work on plans and ideas for the next conference so if anyone out there has any suggestions dont hesitate to let us know - and if anyone wants to join the conference committee contact the main office and I will send your request on to Betty Scott, our Conference Chairperson
  14. Hi, if you write to me at [email protected] - I will send you the DAILY ACTIVITY REPORT and my own HOW I GOT MY SSDI CLAIM APPROVED and some other documents that might help you with your claim. Take care...