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    I like Drama , Art , Sleeping , Biology and Tae Kwon Do.
  1. how you study. I get upset when i get up and found half day has just passed by

  2. Hi Stu! It's me...Tony! it's been ages since we've talked, I've been so busy, I haven't had time to talk. so how's life? I see the forums still up and running, good job in maintaining it, send us a PM. :)

  3. Hi Everybody! I have here... The link the channel 4 documentary on Narcolepsy! Here It is: It's called '90 naps a day' (I know It's a stupid name ) I'm So excited! You will see me and Sam, and Ken and Christine! Anyone that was at the Conference In Albany will remember the film crew, so you might be in it!
  4. LOL!
  5. The Dreams......
  6. Ahhahha! That must have been funny!
  7. I love cooking! it doesn't really tire me out but I can't be bothered doing it sometimes. But I only cook simple food like an ommlette so I don't need to concentrate that hard.
  8. Yeah I love forum games! Im in if we make one.
  9. Footballs......Augggh
  10. Very...
  11. My Graphic Communication Teacher Mr Rittson Took Rittilin when he was young because he had ADHD and it almost killed him... I'm Not trying to scare you into not taking it or anything all im saying is be carefull .
  12. HuGgIng pOwEr! Hug. Hope you feel better soon.
  13. My Symptoms include: EDS 'Bout 3-4 times a day. Mild Cataplexy to point of not being able to breathe right. Rls (Restless Leg Syndrome) Auggh! Hate It! R.E.M Hynogoggies (My Word for Hynogogic Hallucinations). Auto Behavior and Microsleeps. DNS Very Frequent Yawning (20pm) Forgetfullness ( A lot!) Vivid Dreams and Nightmares. Sleep Paralysis. No Appetite Whatsoever. And Just Feeling like A big sack of potatos!
  14. Hey there Fishinmom, I belive that your son's appetite may be realated with Narcolepsy, I also have an appetite problem and will only eat specific foods, and I also have N. If your son wants to talk to me just gimmie a pm.