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  1. Thank you for the info. Forgot to mention. I was told after the second nap by the new technician that I would have 2 more naps. So, the tech was able to definitively say 4 naps total after the second one.
  2. I live in a large metropolitan area. I was recently treated by the top sleep specialist doc in the area according to online reviews and ratings. I was referred by my psychiatrist who has been treating me for anxiety/depression for several years. My symptoms are daytime sleepiness, never waking up refreshed, napping constantly, and performing tasks often and not remembering completing them. I knew nothing about sleep apnea or narcolepsy when I met with the specialist. The specialist made a preliminary diagnosis of hypersomnia, sleep apnea, or narcolepsy, and, after insurance approved, we scheduled a PSG followed by an MSLT for 2 months in the future. Also, I took an HLA test for thyroid/ narcolepsy the week after initial diagnosis. I wasn't shown results. I had to contact the office and was told over the phone that I didn't have thyroid problems. Don't know the result of narcolepsy gene. I have not received my sleep study results yet. I have an appt scheduled next week to review them. Is it not possible to have the results communicated over the phone? Especially if your diagnosis wasn't confirmed? It's $120 for each office visit. Insurance pick up the other $230. That's right, $350 for 10 minutes with the doctor. I feel like I slept in only one of the naps, so I don' think I have narcolepsy. Like some have mentioned, caffeine headaches were a problem. I generally take 700mg of caffeine per day. My last dose of caffeine was 13 hours before the sleep study began. Also, I take 40mg/Celexa daily and wasn't told to wean off for the test. Some have said they were. However, I also feel like the tests didn't adhere to what I have come to learn as the set rules and protocol. I thought there was supposed to be two hours between each nap.I feel like this may have also affected receiving an accurate diagnosis either way. Here are the times: 8:30p Arrive for test 9:30p Lights out PSG 5:14a Awoken from PSG; ate a bagel; sat in armchair 6:30-6:50a Nap 1 7:20 - 7:40 Nap 2 8:40-9am Nap 3 10:20- 10:40 Nap 4 Everything off and out the door by 11am. Is this an accepted way to run a sleep study under certain circumstances? I asked the tech, who was replaced by another tech, after 1st nap, how many naps there would be? She said 4 or 5 depending on the technician. Also, after the first nap, they never came on the speaker and calibrated the equipment by having me move eyes right to left, clench jaw, lay still with eyes open, etc... Finally, during the morning naps, I could hear cabinets slamming shut and conversations as the wall of one of the sleep study rooms was shared with an employee's breakroom. Maybe they thought that the noise shouldn't matter if I truly had narcolepsy. Maybe this was normal protocol. Can anyone provide insight?