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  1. I have been working the desk at a hotel for over a year now and wanted to try to stay here while I plan to go to school for a job in a crime division. When I first started I had an agm who would work with me and my depression/narcolepsy- now the managers have changed and to them invisible illnesses are not a good enough excuse for not feeling well. Since I started a year ago, we have always been short-handed and because of this I have never taken a day off because of being sick, I have been allowed to leave an hour early or come in an hour or two late when we had a mid-shift and coverage at the desk. So today I started having an asthma attack/ panic attack and tried calling my manager to see if maybe just this once I could get the day off because I even started feeling dizzy and really tired. I have been trying to fight this off all week (and all month because I have been doing full-time and over-time at work when I'm supposed to be part-time) so today I just broke down and started feeling really bad. I took my adderall and it didn't seem to work a bit! (xr and 20mg pill) I am still shaky and very tired, I have been having really strong emotions due to family problems and fighting with siblings and I feel really weak all over and my knees keep buckling (is this cataplexy? I thought I only had it mildly but I don't know enough to know if it is??? When I called into work my boss yelled at me and said that everyone is sick of me not feeling good and always trying to call off (I havent even tried calling off in the past 2 months though?) This isn't the first time she has gone off on me and she was really just angry at me because she didn't want to work the night shift. Needless to say, I am going to try to find another job. After a year of being short-handed, not having managers that actually take charge and help the agents at the desk and being so short-handed that at times I don't even get to sit down or have a lunch break for 8 hours has been killing me slowly. I don't even want to continue living when things get like this- last time I got this bad I ended up in the hospital for three days and lost my job I had then. I don't know what to do anymore. I really just want to give up on everything and everyone, including myself.
  2. I love your paintings! When I started developing depression my art came to a standstill, I wish I could do more- I have gotten back to it but I never complete anything. I love what you have made though and the paintings make me feel peaceful.
  3. Yeah, nothing good has come out of this so I don't mind weaning off and trying something else. My PSG? What did you want to know? I know during the daytime tests I fell asleep within 5-7 minutes and hit REM in about ten minutes. I do have mild sleep apnea as well, but its very little for the most part and gets worse if I'm sick. I stayed asleep for the most part and if I woke up I fell right back asleep- I'm asleep a lot. I have had several suggestions to get a therapist for my depression and I never found one that I could open up to, I still don't know where most of the problems come from. I have been having really bad panic attacks and the last was brought on by something so small but I couldn't even breathe, so it does seem like its getting worse in every area. I have made a few appointments so hopefully I can get some answers soon. And I'm going to try to find a reliable doc as well (the other one I have to wait 3 months to see now!) Thank you I will try to keep my head up and keep moving forward.
  4. I have been having the stomach pain for three years now and always attributed it to IBS, I didn't know that sleep apnea could be so dangerous, I do have mild sleep apnea but I was hoping weight loss could help with that but I've been doing just the opposite. Thank you so much for your response, I really appreciate your input on the Adderall and suggesting the modafinil, I have been trying to research it. Unfortunately none of my doctors are on the same page, I have to travel to a sleep center but now because of work I missed my last appointment and now have to wait another 3 months! I made an appointment with the nurse practitioner and am going to see about just having one doctor as my main doctor to keep track of everything. Its been crazy getting everything together and I feel like by now I should have myself together so it can be discouraging but I will try my best to keep my chin up and to be positive and to keep trying as I figure out how my medicines interact. I'm glad to hear your stomach isn't as weak as before
  5. Honestly I don't know what to do, after struggling with this and my depression for the past few years I'm ready to give up. But I'm going to see a few doctors to try and figure out why I have been feeling so bad. I gained like 20-30 pounds in just a few days and that's only eating once a day (because I'm only awake for 8 hours or so) So I need to find out why I'm having abdominal pain, weight gain and how I can cope with being so tired. I've been really stressed for the past few months as well so I know that has some extra bearing on everything going on. I just don't know what to do anymore or how to keep trying.
  6. Yes I have been diagnosed with narcolepsy and mild cataplexy, that's why they started me on Adderall but it doens't seem to be helping at all and my depression combined with feeling sick and tired have made it to the point that I worry about losing my job. I was just reading up on different forms of medication and those seemed promising. I have been on Adderall for over two months and I have to keep driving far away to get refills since I don't have adhd and they can't make a long term mediciation for me.
  7. I was recently put on Adderall, but a lot has happened since then. I had a wisdom tooth extraction and had heavy pain killers and had to stop the adderall, it seemed to work great the first week or so I was on it and then it stopped completely when I was put back on them. I have also gained a lot of weight in just the past few days. I have been extremely tired and sleeping all day still and barely making it to work. It seems that the Adderall is not working at all. I was doing research last night to find out how I could try and lose some weight because I haven't even been eating because I've been sleeping so much and feel like I can't move, and when I do eat it makes my ibs hurt sooooo bad. (I've decided to try a gluten-free diet to see if that helps the narcolepsy and the ibs pain) I found an article on a narcolepsy medicine called Provigil that sounds promising because I don't have adhd either, but I do have extreme eds so it seems to be a good alternative. What do you think??? Have any of you tried both? Did you find Adderall took over a month or two to work? Has Provigil helped you? How about the gluten-free diet, did you find that helped??? I found an article comparing the two medicines as well that seems very informative: Please let me know what you think and if you have anything that may help! I'm worried at this point I may have to quit working until I get this straight so I am worried about my job very much Thank you in advance.
  8. I was just recently diagnosed with narcolepsy and as I struggle to find the right medicine I'm finding it harder and harder to get by. I live with my mother who has health problems as well and struggles to make it to work- I have been worrying about our financial situation and as it stands I cant even support myself right now (I'd need two full-time jobs to be approved for an apartment and right now its hard for me to keep up with one). I know the process may be long but I was wondering if anyone might know how I find out more info, I live in Louisiana. I don't have cataplexy too bad though so I don't know how much I would qualify for. Its just that right now everything seems so hard and I'm starting to feel overwhelmed. Anything helps, thank you so much.
  9. I have depression and lately since I have found out I have N as well its been pretty hard, I started hurting myself and sleeping more- I have been wanting to kill myself too. I have a full time job and because I was in a car accident I have been depending on my family to bring me back and forth to work. He started yelling at my mom in the morning because I had stayed in bed and called me a three year old who doesn't know how to handle my responsibilities. I texted my mom and said I was fighting everyday not to hurt myself and that I had been extremely suicidal all week so the week was very hard for me and because I had to be up for work is why I stayed in bed (I can only stay awake for about 8-10 hours right now) He must have read that and yelled at me "If thats what you want then do it! Go kill yourself!!!" He has been on drugs and abusing alcohol as well, I think he has been drug free for at least a year though. However he has always said hurtful things to me for over six years now and with how I am feeling and getting worse I don't think I can stay at home anymore. I have been wanting to mokve out since high school because of him, and I just cant take it anymore. When he was on drugs part of me wanted to abuse drugs and alchol too just so he could see how awful it is- I wanted to steal his money (he hasn't had a steady job all these years so it wouldn't be much) and make him feel how he made me and my mom feel. Now, I want to kill myself just so he can find me and deal with having to watch what he says to others and see just how much he hurts me everyday. I know that is very angry, bitter and spiteful and frankly stupid but I figure if I kill myself I wont be tired anymore and I wont have to force myself to live each day like I have been doing the last several years. I want to kill myself, and I want him to blame himself, maybe then he will have more sense and try to love the people that are trying so hard to love him. In the meantime though I will try to fight it. I have an appointment with the nuerologist in three days so I keep telling myself maybe it will get better and maybe I will be okay. I'm currently trying to move out because I cant deal with it anymore though.
  10. They told me over the phone I have N but I don't know anything else. I meet with them on the 18th of November. Thank you for the advice, I really appreciate it.
  11. That is an awful vertigo bout. I haven't had vomiting yet but I felt pretty sick back when I posted that. I have nausea medicine but I don't take it often. I have no idea what will work but I'll try looking into it and I'll let you know if I find anything else.
  12. I am having a hard time taking it day by day, especially when the docs are moving so slowly with things. I still have a full time job and I'm falling apart. I hope I can get past this initial stage somehow and be stronger- my EDS is coming in waves as well and its really strong right now- I'm at work right now and can barely stand. I'm glad you seem to be doing better- I'm still new to this page and I'm hoping I can find helpful advice on how to get through each day with this until I can meet with my nuerologists.
  13. I havent had hallucinations so I'm sorry you do though- I think stressfull weeks definitely make things worse, I have been trying to walk to relax in the day and to wake myself up to try not to nap so much (I only did that two days and have spent the rest of this week sleeping and working) I hope things get better for you! Hang in there!
  14. I have no idea if it is connected but I think vertigo is affected by not having enough good sleep- in fact I started having dizzy spells months ago and thats actually how I scheduled my sleep study because I found it was very hard to focus at work and hard to even stand up? I'm still dealing with it and am still waiting to meet with nuerologists about my test reults but I hope this helps!
  15. Hello you guys! My name is Olivia, I have depression, ptsd and as of a week ago narcolepsy. So I guess Im a PWN? I still have to wait another month to be seen to try and figure out a treatment plan- I just want some advice as of what to take and how to live with this but as it makes my depression a little worse I really just hope to make it through this month until I meet with docs. Just need some advice on how to cope in the meantime and some encouragement because I'm still overwhelmed tbh and everything feels like its falling apart. Sorry for this not being happier you all, but I really am so happy you are on here and that we an all support each other. <3