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  1. Sorry, weekends are hectic at work. I'm N+C. I don't take anything technically for sleep, my doctor has considered xyrem.. but he's he type to mention something one appointment and forget by the next so yeah.. I do smoke weed if I can't sleep on occasion. i have a constant flow of caffeine, and chain smoke cigarettes when I drive or have downtime to stay awake.. tried quitting but it just made me even more tired. i work with a girl who's a bit of a control freak, and she's "googled narcolepsy and it says you shouldn't drink caffeine" (idk where she found that *BEEP* lol) but she makes remarks about how slow I've become. She doesn't realize that I can't help it, and she constantly calls me lazy.. I cry enough when I'm alone about how being stuck like this.. never being able to experience "awake" for more than an hour.. and it's just making me more depressed. I can't say anything because when I do she comes back with these "facts" that I don't even think are real.
  2. So I've been diagnosed for a few years, and have tried so many different medicines I feel like I've lost hope. I started on nuvigil.. went up to I believe 450 mg a day.. didn't do anything switched to provigil, 600 mg a day was better but still out of it then tried a combo of 600 pv and 150 nv with no change.. my mind was active, my body dragged then provigil 600 mg and Ritalin 40 mg the Ritalin didn't last more than an hour or two.. (also tried XR, lasted too long) now I'm on adderall 50 mg. And I feel stupid. I'm awake, which is why I continue to be on it, but I can't manage my time. I focus on one thing and take hours doing it. I've become slow at work because of this. And I'm starting to build tolerence. Adderall is horrible for the brain amongst other organs, and I can't be on this for the rest of my life (I'm 26) i just feel feel like I've lost hope in finding something that will help or make me feel normal. I used to be great at my job, and now I'm slower than a snail. I don't know what to do help!!!
  3. Was just curious to see who here at some point in their lives slept with a light on? Even if it wasn't every night. What light was it? And if you didn't, please also comment! Talking pre narcolepsy....
  4. Hello all! I need some advice about two completely different things.. first off, I've been diagnosed for about two years now.. and I've tried: provigil, nuvigil, Ritalin (IR and XR), adderall and a combination of these the only other option my doctor has given me is xyrem.. anyways, since around January, I'm on 50 mgs of adderall a day, and it's OKAY. It was better in the beginning but now I feel my tiredness wearing through.. I've been drinking Red Bull like crazy just to keep going.. and that's fine.. but I have this one problem adderall isn't helping at all.. and I don't know if it's normal or what to do.. I'll be in the middle of a conversation on with someone and they'll ask a question that I have a great response to, but once my mouth opens I lose it.. and not even the answer.. I forget the entire question. Or I'll say something and if someone says "what?" And wants me to repeat it I can't because even though I JUST SAID IT, I can't remember what I said or what we were even talking about. I don't know if this is the medicine or the narcolepsy, but it's really impacting my social life. I feel stupid making conversation, because I can't remember half of it. my other question is, have any of you quit smoking while having narcolepsy? I tried for a day but the tiredness just got unbearable.
  5. Ohhhhh yeah I was diagnosed with hypersomnia unspecified organic (some combination of those words). My sleep study (maybe they did it wrong or didn't tell me) basically just timed how long it took me to fall asleep (I think... The results were confusing) it is possible I don't remember dreaming. I'll definitely check out that portion of it, I haven't had much time to explore the whole site yet so thank you!!!
  6. Thank you for your reply plexicat! In my sleep study, I did the night and day one consecutively. In my night study, I slept for a full 8 hours, and never once hit REM sleep. I should've clarified the difference also because I think typical narcolepsy you hit REM almost instantly? Then in my day study I hit it, but never had a dream. I've been playing with my sleep a lot recently and I find I'm most functional on 7 hours, more or less and I feel absolutely horrible. I think my main issue is at night not hitting REM, because then I wake up and I'm not rested. I've been on rozerem, sonata, Benadryl and trazadone to sleep, along with your basic (I forget the name of the vitamin type one).. The vitamin type one does nothing. Roz and son, when I woke up the next day I would go on about my day and later in the evening realize I was blacked out the whole day. Played with dosages and they realized it was a no go.. Trazadone... Disaster. I find Benedryl to work best, however , i have to sleep longer than my usual 7 hours or I feel extremely groggy. I understand nu and pro promote wakefulness and don't prevent you from being tired, but it's really hard for me to feel "just a little more awake" when I rarely hit REM. I hear ya on the caffeine & cigarette overload.. I'm right there with you!!!! What does IH stand for?
  7. Sorry if this has been posted before! I'm a newbie here. I was diagnosed this past August with hypersomnia (missed the narcolepsy mark by 1/2 a minute total) but my doctors treating me for narcolepsy anyways because I was literally right there, and I'd fallen comatose while driving. Anyways, I've been taking nuvigil, and I read around that the highest recommended dose is 250mg. My tolerance keeps rapidly growing and I'm currently prescribed 600mg.. So we're starting to switch over (weekends only) to provigil to see if that would work better. I've read all over of people switching from provigil to nuvigil but has anyone done the opposite? Has provigil worked better than nuvigil for anyone? I'm kinda nervous about the switch because nuvigil HAS made me more clear minded, and it works for about an hour, but after the hour I'm dead tired. I know it's supposed to promote wakefulness, and not keep you from sleeping, but it's almost impossible. My brain is not on the same page as my body. Because of my history with anorexia and bulimia my doctor won't prescribe adderall (bad for your heart, arrythmias).. So if this doesn't work, I don't know what my next move would be.