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  1. Here's the actual information about post Lyme's disease syndrome from the CDC, which recognizes it as a real condition and specifically states it's common to take months to recover. The whole concept that the CDC doesn't care, etc is nonsense. https://www.cdc.gov/lyme/postlds/index.html
  2. Just fyi, I have free web hosting so if someone knows how to set up a forum, I'd be happy to donate my web hosting. Given the forums on this site are active and threads routinely produce thousands of hits on NN, if they are dumb enough to to abandon us, I say to hell with them. Surely a WordPress forum can't be hard to set up.
  3. Heed this advice!
  4. @closetwrtr how much does zenzedi run per month? I get generic Dexedrine at the maximum dose for $160 cash per month.
  5. @HBr nah I don't think so. I don't think it's possible to do that on this forum anyway. I wish the polls were better designed so better information could be gathered. Ie it would be nice if I could tell if cold feet was more associated with n2. I think it is. What got me wondering is that I have n2 and frequently have cold feet at night and thermoregulation problems. Since a few studies have shown body temperature regulation in N influences the quality of sleep, I was curious how common this phenomena is because there are potentially some treatments. @Ferret I'm medicated but I always had a heating pad at my feet prior to diagnosis so I was meaning more, if you can recall, was this a frequent problem pretreatment? If that makes sense. One of the medication's mechanism of action showing promise for sleep in N also was being investigated for hot flashes oddly enough. I'm not sure how hot flashes feel though! For the record, normal healthy people tend to have warm or hot feet prior to bed. Cold feet delay sleep onset. It seems the majority of n2 suffer from cold feet at night for some reason based on our less than ideal response rate.
  6. @Nikorah oh I'm just saying I wouldn't refer to it as chronic because the medical community associates the term with hypochondriacs. You're right that chronic generally means an extended period of time usually. The CDC recognizes about 6% of people continue to have problems after treatment. Many of the chronic Lyme's folks believe that continued antibiotics help but research shows it's no more effective than placebo. The CDC refers to the post infection state as something else, perhaps caused by damage by the infection that persists after the pathogen has been eliminated. I mean hell anything that damages the CNS may be irreparable or take a long time to recover from. Look at narcolepsy for instance. I'm not suggesting there isn't a real post treatment Lyme's disease condition, just that it's not referred to as chronic Lyme's by the medical community.
  7. @Nightmore a B2 deficiency or b12? What dose of Adderall? I'm assuming you're taking instant release? Dexedrine (dextroamphetamine) is more stimulating than Adderall and has fewer cardiovascular side effects. Caffeine really should be stopped after 12-2pm unless you're a rapid metabolizer. It disrupts sleep architecture even if you don't notice it. I've had a few magic bullet experiences but they were short lived. I got to the point where I'd tried everything and nothing worked anymore. After some lifestyle alterations things got better though.
  8. Oh come on 3 people voted? Just doooo it.
  9. Have you tried taking a stimulant break? Like even a weekend can do wonders sometimes.
  10. Pic of the sores? What other medication are you taking? Any heartburn? My guess, outside of an allergy, would be dry mouth from amphetamines is causing the problem.
  11. Oh I just find the sleep trackers helpful for CBTi. My biggest issue with CBTi and those I've helped with it has just been getting people to do the damn thing right lol. Like I'll get a message, I tossed and turned in bed for 4 hours before falling asleep... And I'm like uh that's a huge no for CBTi and worsening the sleep problem. When you see it in an activity monitor it a. Allows you to self address sleep schedule CBTi compliance b. Allows for you to share the results with others. c. See how sedentary or active you actually are. According to mine, my sleepy ass is 88% more active than most people in my area. Was your T that low? And how's the break treating you?
  12. @Pereise1 you took an maoi? My only real interest in serotonin is that 5ht2a antagonism has shown promising results on increasing sws and decreasing awakenings.
  13. @Natdoc yeah I think everyone definitely know my feelings on exercise and sunshine lol. I think a lot of the quackery claims stem from the lack of unbiased well designed research on many natural treatments. I've never had any luck with herbs except kava. I wish the natural community would band together and take a harder stance on therapies that cure everything and have no scientific basis *cough* cranial sacral adjustments and instead emphasize the legitimate stuff. @HBr ever consider getting an activity/sleep monitor?
  14. Just trying to get some insight on how frequently these symptoms occur. Please report your experience only while unmedicated.