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  1. Okay thanks! I did some research and didn't find much on where I live. So hopefully I don't have too much to worry about!
  2. Of course now I'm really scared to talk to my doctor about it. He knows I was falling asleep behind the wheel and made no mention of reporting me. So maybe I can talk to him about it? I'm buying a new car tomorrow... I don't wanna spend almost $14k on a new car and then have my license taken away! Ugh... why can't I just be a normal 22 year old?! That would be so great to just feel normal for once.
  3. So I did that little symptom test in the link and clicked yes to literally over half of them. Looked at the bottom of the page and it said saying yes to even just 3 means you might be helped by those tinted glasses. I did some extra research on Irlen Syndrom and it really describes SO much of what I always had issues with in school! Wow! I really wasn't expecting that at all. I wonder if I can get a pair of prescription sunglasses tinted with that stuff. I'd really love to see if it would help out! Thanks so much for suggesting Irlen's syndrom. Ihad no idea that even existed!
  4. I really hope it's not seizures. My mom mentioned that and I just kind of dismissed it because she always thinks of the worst possible outcome. I will try changing up the speed I'm driving next time it starts to happen. What I experience from the lights is also what o would experience when falling asleep randomly throughout the day, so I've always just dismissed the sensitivity to the lights as part of that. The Nuvigil has cleared up the sleep attacks almost completely. I just wish I knew why the flashing lights still affect me. :/ I guess beggars can't be choosers, at least the medication is working for most everything else!
  5. I wear glasses and once I can afford it I want to get a pair of the transition lenses. But from what I can remember from when I still wore contacts, sunglasses didn't help much. Funny thing is though, I can be around strobe lights and not be affected. However if it's a slower frequency of flashing lights, like the light through the trees or the lights on a cops car, my eyes start twitching back and forth and start to roll back and all the sudden I'm dreaming. The Nuvigil has helped a lot to this and I'm not nearly as sensitive to it now, but I can still feel myself wanting to doze on occasion. But its only to the lights now, as where before I didn't need anything to trigger it. I would be driving and feel really weak and shakey in my arms and legs, and then my eyes would start going crazy, and then I would wake up and somehow still be in my lane. I'm so happy the Nuvigil is helping, but I'm just worried that maybe something else is causing the sensitivity to the lights.
  6. I had started falling asleep while driving a few months ago. This has been and off and on reoccurrance for me. I had a sleep study done and was diagnosed with idopathic hypersomnia and put on Nuvigil. It seems to be helping for the most part but I still start to doze when I drive past trees and the light is flashing through. It's nothing close to what I used to experience, but its still troublesome. Does anyone else experience this with flashing lights?