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  1. Thanks to you all, you have given me a lot to think about.
  2. Thanks, it is hard to know what is going on in people's lives based on small info. I am just coming to terms that I might actually have this after denying it for years, so it is difficult, I have enough labels, KWIM? Especially with a bit of a strange phobia. And it is always in the back of my mind "if I just try harder". I think I have adapted my lifestyle, I have to plan to the "T" to manage mornings and school, I believe I have come up with coping strategies through the years. And it seems there are few books that tell of personal experiences to be able to say, "yes, that is how I feel!" (Although I am borrowing one called Wide Awake and Dreaming on my kindle, but I don't have cataplexy or hallucinations that I am aware of.) And I didn't know sleep attacks could be interrupted, I thought it was falling asleep accidentally, not an overwhelming feeling of having to nap right now even if you aren't able to. I think most things you read describe the more severe picture. I think I am just overwhelmed and emotional today, and tired, just want to sit on the couch and read but have to eventually face the things I am not doing that I should be doing. Thanks again, I will look into talking to the sleep doctor.
  3. Ferret, I do think that is unreasonable considering you don't really know anything about our finances. We are comfortable, a family of 5 with kids in private school, on my husband's salary. But right now we are faced with many big expenses and we are forced to prioritize. I hit a concrete wall in my van, $500 deductible, and it damaged van structure so it is a safety issue, not just cosmetic. We have a tree that we fear falling on our house that will cost $5000 to cut down. I am terrified of getting pregnant again and awaiting him getting a vasectomy, another $2000. Right now it is a toss up between weather a sleep study or vasectomy is my priority, I can't take estrogen ever and hate birth control in general. On top of all of that, I think he is starting to think I am just grasping at straws to find excuses of why I am a poor housekeeper. I don't feel that whatever is wrong with me is much of a safety issue most days, I don't have sleep attacks. Just generally too unfocused to do jobs around that house that need done. Everywhere I read, the main symptom of narcolepsy is sleep attacks. I don't have major symptoms that we can't live with, I am just "lazy". In fact, even though I am lazy during the day, I often stay up late at night (11:00 or 12:00) instead of going to sleep when the kids do because I am typically a night person and I need awake time without kids around to relax. As for my husband, after hearing for years that something is wrong, don't know why I have trouble with this, dealing with a phobia I have, wondering if I might have ADD after learning more about it with my son's diagnosis, I wonder if he thinks I am a bit of a hypochondriac and is hesitant to spend more money. We have a good relationship but he isn't always understanding, and this is something he doesn't understand. Truthfully I don't really understand it either and don't know if I will get any answers. And as I said above, I have blown off the old N diagnosis as flawed and probably wrong because I don't get sleep attacks, have done OK for years without meds, while my mom still falls asleep during conversations even on meds. So my main question here was not if my husband was being unreasonable, if I have enough info to show that it is a possibility we will discuss it more, but weather or not it is even a possibility since I thought N was more severe symptoms. I kind of feel like I am grasping at straws here to, to find an answer to my "laziness" when maybe if I just try harder still. And who wouldn't be tired with three kids (9 & 7 & 18 months) one of them a toddler?!?! And thank you Chemist, I will look into that if we proceed. I will go ahead and schedule an appointment with the sleep doctor if I can.
  4. I have ignored my narcolepsy diagnosis because I haven't always felt like I have it, thought the test was flawed, and certainly recent years no sleep attacks, or very few. It has come off my record as I have switched docs several times and haven't seen my sleep doctor for over 15 years. I sort of "forgot" about it and it recently came up at my ADD visit with my family doctor when we discussed ritalin and he suggested getting another sleep study done. Since they weren't positive on the ADD diagnosis he was thinking a non-stimulant would be good because it could be anxiety causing the distraction. I am hesitant to do the sleep study because when I talked to the lady it was $2300 for the overnight one and obviously more for the naps. Plus she said we don't need to do naps if I don't have sleep attacks then I don't have narcolepsy. My deductible still to meet is over $2000 so that is the out of pocket amount I will need to pay. I am thinking I want to be reasonably sure I will get a positive answer to make the $ worth it. If it is a negative on narcolepsy or apnea it won't be worth the money. And I was hoping that browsing on this forum and creating a post, I could figure out if it could be likely or not. I can't tell if I stop breathing at night, my husband has never noticed, and I don't have the sleep attacks. Really just daytime sleepiness even after a full night's sleep of about 9 hours I can feel like I need to sleep after a couple hours being awake. ETA: I am thinking of seeing if I can get an appointment with the sleep doctor, see what he says about the symptoms I do and do not have, and if it is worth proceeding. And then there is the process of convincing my husband. (I am a SAHM so most financial decisions are his.)
  5. Actually I have no hyperactivity symptoms, no-one could ever claim I am hyperactive! Mostly distraction and fogginess, concentration issues, and lack of motivation. Your comment just reassures me I might be on track.
  6. A little background, I am 36 and around when I was 18 my mom was diagnosed with narcolepsy. I had similar sleep patterns as her and i had a sleep study done soon after. I had the naps during the day where I was supposed to stay awake between naps to keep the test accurate. Since I was stuck in the bed with books and tv I did drift off a few times between schedule naps. Doc said I tested positive for N and negative for apnea. Took some meds for a short time but was able to manage fine without them so I stopped taking them and seeing the doc. I always wondered if I could have had a false positive because of dozing between naps. Over the years I have fallen asleep at inappropriate times, meetings, church, etc. Recently I haven't but I do have EDS even after a full night's sleep, which that hasn't been as good lately either. I figure maybe I don't fall asleep because I do have constant distractions in the form of 3 kids and I have to keep an eye on my toddler or if I do try to sleep she will sit on me or poke my eyes. Recently I decided to look into the struggles I am having. Went through ADHD testing and I am borderline, may or may not have it. I just a couple days ago started ritalin, 20 mg, for that and it seems the oppressive sleepiness in my head has lessened. But I also discussed sleep issues with my doc and he referred me to a sleep center. The lady on the phone said I don't need the daytime nap testing if I don't fall asleep during the day. I still wonder about apnea but can't ignore the testing that came out positive years ago. My husband doesn't want to spend the money on the sleep study right now. Should I make an appointment with the sleep doctor to discuss how likely I am to have an issue?. Hubby even said he would rather spend money on CPAP than testing and just see if it works but I told him it doesn't work that way. Any advice on where I should go to figure out if a sleep test would be worth the money right now? Or if I just need to give the ritalin more time to see if ADHD is my main issue?