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  1. If it is any help I see Dr. Whitney in Plymouth, MN. About a 2 and a half hour drive from MN SD border. Im just over an hour form him and he is worth it. They even give my ride a room for the night when I have sleep studys done.
  2. The only one that ever worked for me was disoxyn and that onlt lasted a few months.
  3. I have a 10 yearold with ADHD. From what you discribed she is alot like your daugther. The meds do help a bit. She also has something of a sleep disorder. If she wakes up during the night she cant fall back to sleep. If she wakes up at 3am she is up for the day. She also snors. We had her tonsilles and adenoides removed 2 weeks ago. I havent herd her snore, and she has deen sleeping alot. Her tonsilles were infected and had to come out. We are hoping that this will fix the sleep problems. And with better sleep help with the ADHD.
  4. I have a dubbel alarm clock. I keep it set for my xyrem 11pm and 3am. I only have one side affect that bothers me but not enough to stop the xyrem. Being an adult and never having this problem befor. Its bed weating. It tends to happen if I take the second does too early. That being said a good waterproof mattress pad is cheeper than a new mattress. I would sugust that you get one better safe than sorry.
  5. I have a cat that bites me in my dreams or HH whatever. I wake up in pain. I am confused by why my mind is comeing up with ways to hurt me when I am sleeping.
  6. No naps that day go tired.
  7. When I was 19 I had 3 months of insomnia. It has never happend again. Cant explain it.
  8. I would never had the guts to post it but yah I have that happen.
  9. You have been watching to much TV. I never fall asleep after a cataplexy attack. I rarley fall to the ground. Most of the time its just some weekness in my knees and the musels in my face go limp. Where I think you ars having them is the jokes. I cant tell a good joke. I am funny, I have a grate sence of humor. I cant even burn someone cuz I cant get the words out. Its not nervs its cataplexy. Befor I found out that I had N. 2 people said to me "Mabie you have narcolepsy." I told them "Thats not it. People with narcolepsy fall over and go to sleep. I dont do that. Im just tired all the time." If I had listend to them and checked it out I could have saved myself 5 years of torcher. I started seeing a sleep dr cuz I snore. Well, and cuz I was so tired. He started asking me all kinds of weird questions. Like dose your head fall forwaor when you laugh. It had just started happrning about a year befor I saw him. I had been trying to explain it to my boyfriend. Who was some how always looking theother direction when it would happe and never saw it. The Dr. told me that I had N. At the first appointment. He said I would have to do a sleep study to conferm but that was just a formality. I would never beleved him if he dident just know so well what had been happening to me. I mean N for real. Who would beleve that? NO ONE!!!! If they new what N was they dident beleve it. The one that got me was all the people that confused it with epilepsy. Like thats even close. I had to do lots of recurch on my own. Come to findout I have had N for a very long time. Once I new more I could start to explain it. I found that it helps to bring family to my dr apointments and let him explain. He also could show them my sleep study on the computer and how he new it was N. It could help.
  10. Call Xyrem ask to talk to a pharmacist. See what they say.
  11. I forgot to tell you. You have cataplexy.
  12. I had the same thing with mt family. I have spent so many years trying to find out what was wrong. I beleved the docotrs when they gave me a diagnosis. So when I was diagnosed with n they all said whatever she is a hypochondriac. It has taken years for them to come around and see that it has always been N the other doctors wrer wrong.
  13. I was dignosed with Dyslexia in 1st grade. I can remember that is when I started getting tired. I was told that i had an IQ of 149. My mom would not let me be in the gifted program. She said that it would be to hard for me. Insted I got Specal ed. That was way to easy.my last IQ test for school was my senior year I got 147. I have never been any good at school. At 23 I did a bunch of testing to try to find out what was wrong with me. They did a IQ test is was 118. That seemed like a large drop. They said I had ADD. Thet put me on ritalin. It worked for a few months, then the anxiety got to be too much. I think they were wrong about the ADD. The Dyslexia I think they were right or I just got a piss pore education. From a school rated number 303 top school in the nation. So when i was 31 I got the N dignoses I think they are right. What has always botherd me is the drop in my IQ. Till last year when I had my daughter tested. The Dr. said that there is a 20 Point margen of error. Well that explanes it one of them was wrong eather the school or the ADD guys. I guess I will never know.
  14. Hi Im Heather, Im 41 and was dignosed in o3. I have been tired sence 1st grade. So I figure I have had Nw/C for over 30 years. I have Four Kids 2 grown and 2 pre teens.
  15. The best way I can explain Xyrem is that puts you into deep sleep that you normaly cant get cuz of the N. The deep sleep is sposed to help you feel more awake during the next day. And releve some of the cataplexy if you have it. Xyrem is what they call a "program" and only dr.s that are part of the program can prescride it. I see a sleep spealist just for the Xyrem. My regular dr. couldent prescribe it.