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  1. It's actually just a speech class. Figured I'd give a speech on something I know about. Wanted some outside influence on impact though.
  2. I am doing a simple informative speech for class and I decided that what better to inform others about than the common misconceptions of Narcolepsy and Cataplexy. The odd thing is, they want us to do an interview with the speech, whether we include the information or not. So, what I'm looking for are some good questions to ask. Some of the things I was thinking about were: What was your reaction the first time you saw someone with N/C have an episode? How did you feel when you saw the episode? What is it like having a friend/family member with N/C? Are there any special accomodations you have to make to support your family/friend with N/C? Any other suggestions would be great.
  3. I know this is like years later, but I am currently in school where I do a lot of graphic design. Most of my work is with Lightwave or Maya, but it is very similar to AutoCad.
  4. So to begin the list of odd places or moments I've fallen asleep: While walking across the kitchen with a plate of food. Needless to say the food was around me when I woke up. I've fallen asleep while walking up the stairs only to find myself at the bottom again. I had a full collapse while talking to my supervisor at work. That one was amusing as he just looked at me when I stood back up. I would sleep while marching to class in Tech School. Right before I finally got diagnosed last year I would fall asleep anywhere I stopped moving. One of my favorites was while we were deployed in Afghanistan. If I was not physically moving I was sleeping, on the bus, during attacks, while working. Other than the marching I've had a few episodes of the non-vol movements. I've definately taken an entire test in my sleep, unfortunately I failed by 4 points. The one that amuses me the most happened just last night, probably why I find it as funny as I do. I spent about 5 minutes trying to open a door to let my dog out. I had to have locked and unlocked the door some 20 times before I finally did it in the right combination to let her out. Thankfully my wife deals with my issues as it is wreaking havok with my sanity right now due to extreme stress and anger with work. Being unsure of how you're going to take care of your family is such a hard thing to deal with. I never thought it would be so bad, but it's just horrible. Oh Yeah! I fell asleep during a PT test a little ways back. It's near impossible to stay awake every time I would lay down to start doing crunches. The waiting part is the worst as it causes you to lose what little energy you have.
  5. I am currently in the USAF. I've been in for 9 years, and have just recently been diagnosed with Narcolepsy w/ Cataplexy. Unfortunately this pushed me off of my main job of loading and maintaining weapons systems on Aircraft. Since moving from MX I've been assigned multiple different jobs. I was a training manager for almost 200 people, and I guess they liked the work I did, because now I work for the Commander of our Squadron organizing all of our personnel information, some 400+ people. Basically I'm an underpayed HR guy. I also have a PT job leading the priase team at our Chapel on base. I play at my own local service as well. I go to school part time in hopes to eventually complete my Gaming Development Degree. Although I was just diagnosed We're pretty sure I've been living with N for over 4 or 5 years. I just assumed it was exhaustion due to the long hours of work with no breaks. I have found that I stay awake better when I have stuff to focus on. As soon as I got put in an office setting things started getting much worse. The progression was riddiculous. Before the worst thing I had to deal with were the ticks from stress and guiddiness, and the sleep spells from being up to long. Now I fight to stay awake all day long because I stare at a computer all day long. I guess maybe a degree in Computers is an odd thought, but if it holds my interest I'm better with the focus. I think the Cataplexy is as bad as it is now due to the high stress of the medical seperation. Not knowing what i'm going to do on the outside is a hard thing to deal with. Finding a job is not easy for a weapons loader, if you know of a job please let me know! The worrying about how I'm supposed to support my wife and kids is crazy. I don't know where to even start. I haven't been a civilian in forever. I forgot what the life is like. I know that the spot we're in now as a nation means work is going to be even harder to find. These are all the little things that stress me out. The meds were great at first. I had to try and find a way to express how they affected me because I just couldn't describe it myself. The best thing I had was that movie Limitless. Trying to explain how it felt like the haze was gone and I was awake instead of blurry was very difficult. Most people just don't understand. Sadly the effects were short lived. I've switched meds twice since then. I'm now using Ritilin and Dexadrine to stay awake. That and a whole lot of willpower. Sorry for dragging on. This is my first time posting on the site, and it very liberating knowing that people might actually understand what I'm saying.