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  1. My doctor prescribes me 30 Nuvigil with the understanding that even at 250 it perhaps is only effective for 3-4 hours. He wants me to try it for three more days before he will perscribe something stronger. My insurance is giving all sorts of problems so they are considering changing it to provigil, does anyone know if there is a difference in the way they perform? This has been a very bad experience for me, I have never meet a doctor who is more inconciderate. Not only has this been frustrating, but the doctor has zero personality. Don't doctors have to at least pretend to be concerned or at least act somewhat friendly? This guy is an absolute jerk. I am not looking for a friend, but this is rediculous. Right now it feels like my whole life is turned upside down. My job is hard enough, once you add all these ingredients in it becomes very stressful. On top of this I am constantly sleepy. I wonder if anyone can relate? I set up an appointment for a local neurologist, unfortunately I will not get in until the 8th og August.
  2. So it has been afew days since beginning Nuvigil. 150 wasn't very effective, however the 250 is making work bearable. I feel as though I can go asleep anytime, especially if I go outside in the sun. The higher dose has me feeling a change, but is no where near keeping me alert and awake. When I get home I am shot, my fiance, although very supportive, gets frustrated trying to talk to me at night because my eye's are rolling around in my head, making it seem like I am not processing what she is saying. I guess I will give it another coupkle days before I let my doc know. I can't imagine that it will start working better, if anything it may be getting less effective as my body gets used to it. This is really a cool place to write whats goin on .
  3. Thank you for your reply. The first day I took Nuvigil, I took 150 and it seemed to keep me more alert at least until the PM. The next day I took the same dose and it seemed to wear off at around 11:00 am. So I did what you did, I took a half of a 250 in the morning and the other half in the late morning. It seemed to wear off in the afternoon. I also have been wearing the cpap for 2 weeks now. I wonder if I can take Nuvigil in conjunction with like an anti depressant, I hear about that working, although I am not depressed. If I don't have to do the hard stuff I won't. This because I am also a recovering addict, am I am afraid to get addicted to stronger stuff.
  4. I just started Nuvigil yesterday, I felt a little uncomfortable. I wonder if now on this stuff, should I regulate my regular ultra high caffine intake? When I went back to the doctor he is jerking me around about my diognosis. During my test I fell asleep all five times in less than five minutes, when I was woken up 20 minutes later I was groggy but able to snap right back into things. At first they said narcolepsy without cataplexy, however I think I do have mild cataplexy. My eye's get severely droopy and my muscles get weak. Now he is saying he is not oposed to diognosing my with I H. I truely don't get this guy. He says my numbers don't qualify for sleep apnea and my oxegyn never goes below 90, however he says I might have a slight case. Well would a slight case make me so severely tired during the day? I don't know. I am going back in two weeks.
  5. Yeah, that's wierd. Maybe they make more money that way. However if it helps lessen the effect of the narcolepsy I am all for it.
  6. I finally went to the sleep study, slept all the way through on wed. night. Each of the five naps the next day I fell asleep in less than 5 minutes. I wanted to keep sleeping, the last nap they let me sleep for 40 minutes. They showed me that my breathing is irradict at night, but not enough to qualify for sleep apnea. They said they will diognose me with narcolepsy without cataplexy. They sent me home with a breather for night time sleep because they said that it will make my symptoms for narcolepsy less. I think it is an insurance scam. I don't know I haven't had sleep apnea since high school and my oxygen never went below 90. Also there was never more than a 3 point difference in my oxygen, from 96 to 93 or from 94 to 91. I wonder if other people with narcolepsy have had that issue? The doc said he would treat me with NuVigil, but they want me to sleep a week with this breather to see how much it might reduce my day time sleepiness? Wierd. I am grateful for this forum. I am not the type of person who likes to share his issues but it seems helpful and everybody here seems so nice.
  7. Thanks for the feed back, I really need it. Right now I am at work(for another hour or so) and I feel like I have been up for days. I litterally begin to dream while I am awake. I am not looking forward to the ride home. I have been shot for the last 6 hours. Hopefully they will diognose me, at this point I don't care whehther it is narcolepsy or idiomatic hypersomnia, I just want to be treated. I wish yo0u the best with your situation. I can't wait to let everyone know what happened. Thanks again!
  8. Thank you so much, my study was delayed until tomorrow night and the next day. I will definately post everyone. I am very nervous, but I am tired of walking around like I have been up al night and ready to go to sleep.
  9. Since I was in High school struggling to make it through the day, right up until now, I have had a real problem with extreme sleepiness. When my symptoms set in i get out of sorts, somewhat sureal and feel as though I am dreaming. No matter how much I have slept the previous night. In my meetings at work, my eye's will begin to cross, sometimes when I am driving I must close one eye. I will then pull over to get fresh air. The problem is that this is exhausting, it is every day of my life. I take my sleep test this week and I know that I have severe symptoms of narcolepsy, but am afraid what if I am too nervous to fall asleep? I don't know I have never been told to take a nap and we will monitor you. This is the first sleep doc that I have seen and his bed side manor was awful, he made me feel very uncomfortable and he was borderline rude. I am a pleasant friendly person and easy to get along with. This guy would ask me a question and before I could answer it he would interupt with another question. I have recently had a blood test to discount any phyical ailment and it came back perfect and I have no sleep apnea. This is really impiortant to me and I am very nervous, I wonder if someone can give me some advice? I would appreciate it!
  10. This Thursday they will test me for narcolepsy. Since I was in high school, some twenty years ago, I have had problems falling asleep. No matter what I did different each day or how much I slept at night. In the las few years I have had to quit lucrative jobs because of the distance. One in particular that was 35 minutes away, I totaled out my car when I fell asleep and hit a telephone pole. I would slam down energy drinks, open my windows, blast the music and slap my face to keep my eye's from crossing. I would have to take my lunch break at my last job to take a twenty minute nap sitting at a lunch table. When I get like this I cannot think straight and often physically behave like I have been drinking, losing balance. I have intergrated this behavior into my life over the years, I often begin dreaming before I fall asleep, especially when I am resisting and it becomes sureal. I will think people are talking to me. The worst is that I am in recovery and when I get like this people will assume I am impaired,.