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  1. I just want to take a moment to provide some information that you might want to consider before making up your mind so steadfastly. GHB is a natural compound, and is even produced by your own body. It has been synthetically produced for over 100 years. According to the FDA website you provided, Xyrem is rated pregnancy category B which is indeed the very same category as Tylenol, ibuprofen, pseudoephedrine, Benadryl, and asparatame. Though extensive studies have not been conducted in humans, there was no evidence of teratogenic effects in rat and rabbit offspring, and those animals received many times more (proportionally to their size and weight) than the maximum recommended nightly human dose. Though not entirely conclusive, it is a pretty sound indication that there are no concerns with birth defects. It might seem incredible, but taking Xyrem during pregnancy is deemed by the FDA just as safe as taking two Tylenol and washing it down with a diet soda. Furthermore, I would also like to clarify that it was made illegal in the '90s because people were trying to make it themselves (from paint stripper and sodium hydroxide!!) and were abusing it in the scariest of ways (mixing it with alcohol and other street drugs, using it to incapacitate women and take advantage of them, etc.). Xyrem is manufactured by a reputable pharmaceutical company, not an amateur makeshift lab in a drug dealer's garage. When used as directed and under close supervision of a doctor, Xyrem is very safe and in no way even remotely resembles a game of Russian Roulette with your unborn child. While I respect everyone's personal opinions about medication use in pregnancy, I really feel strongly that this is not the venue to propagate fear through unfounded, sensationalized claims about what *might* happen to someone's unborn child. Pregnancy is anxiety provoking enough on it's own. I think that we all owe it to each other to make sure that we are providing support and positive messages. If you are a member here, I'm sure that you can relate to the need of being surrounded by as many kind and understanding individuals as possible, no?
  2. First, the obligatory CONGRATULATIONS!! That is so exciting, and I am elated for you both:O) And, THANK YOU for bravely reporting the details!!!!!! I'm so glad to see a report of a family actually dealing with this scenario successfully. Many of the threads that I have read previously were loaded with naysayers about remaining on meds during pregnancy. Their comments were very judgmental and discouraging, despite the fact that they were not really educated on the topic or going through the process themselves. I have investigated this topic a lot, because my husband and I would really like to have a second child. However, we now know that I was having severe full body cataplexy attacks before, during, and directly after labor with my first. My delivery only lasted 6 and 1/2 hours, but it was a very scary and traumatic experience because we had no clue at that point that I had narcolepsy, let alone cataplexy. They just thought I was passing out because of not eating enough, or losing too much blood, or maybe they just thought I was a wimp. I just thought it was because I delivered a 9lb 12oz baby with no drugs! Go figure... Now that we are aware of my condition, and it is being treated relatively successfully, we are really feeling that "call." I spoke to my sleep specialist on the very first visit about pregnancy, and she reassured me that there are many women that have successful pregnancies while staying on meds. I researched that claim, and the risk categories of the meds that I am currently taking (Xyrem/max dose, and Nuvigil/150mg). Turns out, Xyrem is classified in the same category as Tylenol (Class for pregnancy risk! Nuvigil is an absolute no-no though, as it presents severe teratogenic and mutagenic effects in the developing baby. That was all I needed to hear to be convinced that we could have another child. I'm pretty sure that I can deal without the Nuvigil, but the Xyrem is essential to my daily functioning. I know that I will not ever be able to be without it in order to live any semblance of a normal life. My sleep specialist did also confirm that I would have to have a scheduled c-section. I am still mentally processing that one, grieving over it actually. My first delivery was all-natural at a birth center. I had the most natural, drug free, medical intervention free pregnancy and delivery the first time around. Back then, I wouldn't even take Tylenol unless I was desperate. I have always been very adamant that child birth is not a medical ailment, but boy have the tables turned! I will have to get to the acceptance phase before actually trying for a pregnancy. I'm still getting to the acceptance phase of having to take heavy duty meds every day for the rest of my life just to feel normal:o/ But I know in the long run, a second child is what I really want. I want my son to have a sibling to share the world with; a comrade and confidant. This is way more valuable than any idealized vision of child birth. Anyway, I didn't mean to ramble or steal any of your thunder:o) However, I just wanted to confirm for others that my sleep doc said virtually the same thing as yours: 1) Get off the stimulant drugs at least a month before conception, and stay off of them throughout pregnancy. 2) Many, many women stay on Xyrem during conception and throughout their pregnancy without negative effects for the mother or baby. 3) If you are narcoleptic, cataplexy or not, you will have a scheduled c-section for delivery. 4) I can confirm from personal experience that the scheduled c-section is both extremely necessary, and in a weird way highly desirable. You will avoid the risk of complications from cataplexy, and you won't wear your body out through natural delivery. The one thing that I have not gotten a conclusive answer on, however, is whether or not you can nurse while on Xyrem. This is still one of my hang-ups. I really want to nurse. My first time around didn't go very well. I was undiagnosed at that point, and nothing was going well for me (to put it mildly). I am definitely anxious for a second chance with that. Mr. (Ms.? I don't like to assume, no offense) cmcardle74, would you please post with any information you receive about Xyrem and nursing? I would be really grateful for the information! We are planning to start trying for a baby in January, so I am amassing all of my research. Also, please continue to update us in general. You are my/our only live lead so far! Take care!