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  1. I am new and havnt had a chance to even start on meds yet and i am searching for gov't help with the cost of them, but i wanted to say i sure hope you find something or some combination of things to help you and please share with us what does and doesnt work for you. at this point i'm living on coffee and even though it doesnt get rid of the sleepiness it does keep me awake, I also eat just enough to keep hunger pains away because anymore then that and i'm in great discomfort and sooooo tired.
  2. Hi everyone; I am new here and wanting to introduce myself. I'm 24, living in southwestern ontario and i was just diagnosed with narcolepsy last week... or maybe 2 weeks ago, cant remember. Along with narcolepsy I have severe anemia and chronic migraines and chronic back/leg pains. Needless to say I am pretty useless most of the time and almost always feeling like crap. Have had trouble finding and keeping work and now I am in the process of applying for disability. I am finding this disorder a hard one to research, there seems to be one standard paragraph about it on every website. Confusion seems to be the emotion of late, I am glad to finally have a diagnosis but I fear about how long have i had this and how much of a role has it played in my personal development. my favorite part of going out to do anything is getting home to the quiet and laying down, is that because i'm a homebody or is that because the narcolepsy has disguised itself in my personality? will the stuttering and tripping and walking into things stop when i can finally get onto meds or is that just part of who i am??? oh yeah my specialist perscribed modafinil but its WAY out of my price range and I dont seem to qualify for gov't assistance with it unless i'm on Ontario Disability. What a frustrating thing this narcolepsy is, I have amazing friends who have been patient with me over the past few years, but this year was really hard for me as i struggled with depression ontop of everything else, I stopped hanging out almost completely and when i did they were frustrated with me because i would stay for an hour and then head home because i was soo tired, if i stayed any longer i'd start throwing up because of how exhausted i felt, but they never knew about that part. I've had the sick spells at work also and been reprimanded for taking too many breaks, I explained that i was feeling sick and needed to lay down but ofcourse not having a diagnosis for it there was no understanding and the company was a really crappy company too. Everything seems like a task and everything is equally exhausting, a 20 min walk or an hour on the bus takes me to a place where i cant think, cant speak properly and dont even ask me to recal any details or explain anything more complex then my birthday. I have noticed aswell that i may be "micronapping"? not sure how to tell though, i find myself completing a task but not remebering doing it, or getting off the couch standing in the kitchen and not remembering why i was there... an hour later i remember its because i have to pee. I sure hope someone here can relate to even parts of my story... I'm sure theres more but writting this has already taken all day and i feel like a nap now