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  1. Hey I have now started with self treating my condition by natural herbs, vitamins and minerals. Heres the list and time upon intake: Morning: Vitamin C - 1000 mg - Increases energy and promotes production of interferon in the body to protect against free radical damage. Vitamin D - 5000 IU = 125 mcg - Needed for calcium absorption, aswell as being a key factor to an overall health. Vitamin E - 400 IU - Increase circulation and protects heart function and brain cells. Vitamin K - 100 mcg - makes sure that calcium is transported correctly. Vitamin - B-50 (Thiamine - 50 mg, Riboflavin - 50 mg, Niacin - 50 mg, Vitamin B6 - 50 mg, Folic Acid - 400 mcg, Vitamin B12 - 50 mcg, Biotin, 50 mcg, Pantothenic acid - 50 mg, Choline biartrate - 50 mg, Inositol - 50 mg, PABA - 50 mg) Vitamin - B12 - 2000 mcg - Read multiple places that this assist people with narcolepsy for more energy and similar. Chromium Picolinate - 200 mcg (Calcium - 20 mg) - Boost energy and regulates sugar metabolism. L-Glutamine - 500 mg - Promotes mental ability. Known as brain fuel because it can pass the blood-brain barrier freely. L-Tyrosine - 500 mg - Important in thyroid function. Low levels have been associated with narcolepsy. Calcium - magnesium (Calcium - 500 mg, Magnesium - 250 mg, Phosphorus - 250 mg, Vitamin D - 200 IU) - Energy production and nervous system. Magnesium During meals: 1 capsule during a big meal 3 times a day: Lecithin - 1.36g - Lecithin helps to support the liver and aids in the metabolism of fat. Prior to bedtime: Calcium - magnesium (Calcium - 500 mg, Magnesium - 250 mg, Phosphorus - 250 mg, Vitamin D - 200 IU) - Energy production and nervous system. Magnesium L-Glutamine - 1000 mg - Promotes mental ability. Known as brain fuel because it can pass the blood-brain barrier freely. Phosphorylated Serine - 1000 mg - Good for memory and helps sleeping better GABA - 750 mg - It is essential for brain metabolism, aiding in proper brain function. - Very good sleeping aid. Melatonin - 3 mg - For deeper more restful sleep. I know that most people will find the different items as quite a high level, but I dont really trust the government and they're lack of recommendations in regards to vitamin and minerals. They have an agenda as to earn money from the pharmaceuticals company, whereas the natural vitamin and minerals in our body is what is more healthy for us instead of the synthetic compounds the mix in the labs. I started the intake program yesterday and as such it will properly take a week before I can recall the general difference, I will post my results as time progress. In regards to the source of the information, I found it from this site: http://www.healthherbs.com/conditionitem.php?id=193 Anyone wants to share comments please do so.
  2. Hey Kimmers Its always nice to hear that you are not alone in the world, despite the bad circumstances we find ourself in. Id start by answering your questions as you put em. When an attack starts coming my eyes get extremely heavy to hold open, I get really slow, disoriented and as you put like a heavy carpet. No matter what I do or try from this point, to keep myself focused.. The attacks comes and usually is followed by multiple of these sort of attacks that renders me even more disoriented and feeling of helplessness. So yea, I can definatly feel is coming. Sometimes when im extremely tired or stressed, walking about. I can get this sudden attack where this blanket suddenly attacks me and I nearly drop down to the floor as my knees give in and I feel myself sleeping for a split second. I must say that it seems quite alike. I am very much interested in keeping in touch, ill send you my email if you have skype or msn. Then we could talk more freely through that channel if you'd like. But please respond if this is of interest. Best Regards Stephan
  3. Thanks for the reply. I have been reading up on the recent studies in regards to calcium, and have found that most experts have found the results to be somewhat questionable. The thing is that the Calcium is stored in your body, more specifically the blood wessels if there is is a lack of another vitamin; K. It is proposed that vitamin k is the key ingredient to be taken at the same time, as this vitamin is leading the calcium to the bones and other important places. Without the vitamin k, the calcium is simply not directed properly. So ill think that I will try add the calcium with vitamin k and see what happens. I haven't found much information regarding the magnesium, but heard that its important to take this as well, when raising calcium intake, same as vitamin D. But honestly I must say that this is quite a puzzle to make sense off. On one side we have the different experts where some of them have been paid to falsify test results or simply withholding information. And on the other hand, there haven't really been that much research into the different vitamin and mineral matter. But ill be careful with the diffident levels,and see what happens. What are your ideas towards vitamin D? For instance 35 mcg is the typical max dose that is recommended. But recent research have found that a person can take up to 1000 mcg without a problem before overdosing. Another strange factor to consider is that if a person it out in the sun most of the day, the charge of D vitamin in the body can reach up to 250 mcg. So I find it quite strange that we have a maximum ammount of 35 mcg set.
  4. Id like to hear if anyone has had some experience with the above list of minerals and vitamins. I have found myself in a quite troublesome situation, and am currently not in reach of medicine except for a few pills of Ritalin. Can anyone tell me if these levels of nutritional is bad for your health or similar? as I plan to start taking nearly all of them soon.
  5. Thanks for reply. In the past I was advised to take Ritalin 2 times a day, in the morning and at noon. So ill try my luck from that point and move forward. I have tryed to take those mini naps quite some times now, and each time the end result is the name; Even more tired, body feels out of balance, coldness, genereally the feeling of the entire day destroyed even more by the mini nap.
  6. Thanks for the replies. Good to hear that im not entirely alone with these symptoms and situation. As I live in Denmark its a bit hard with paying for special treatment, as healthcare is free in Denmark, and thereby they tend to just push one out of the door instead of going into the depth of personal issues. I have been looking for a new doctor today, but even that is impossible in the city I live in, as all the doctor offices that Ive found are closed for new entry. So currently I can really do much of my problem. I have acquired some Ritalin pills for a person I know, but since I didn't get enrolled that properly into a treatment plan by the doc, im not really sure of how to take it properly. Can anyone recommend certain schedules to take these pills or is it mostly on a personal level? I've been reading up on alternative solutions as of boosting yourself with a certain amount of different vitamins. The information I found was at this website: http://www.sleeping-with-a-sleeping-disorder.com/narcolepsy-diet.html The list on that site have different sets of vitamins with a certain amount described. Can anyone confirm if any of those vitamin supplements in that dosage is effective? Because I must say that I am quite willing to be a guinea pig.
  7. Hello I have wanted to write a longer question here for quite some time now. I hope that you can help me finding a reason for my problems or at least sort of conclude whether the feared condition is correct or not. I have been fighting my medical system for quite some time now, to find some sort of diagnose as I am having quite some trouble with my health. I suffer from constant tiredness, no matter how much sleep I get I feel exhausted. When I am in school or doing anything that is a wee bit tiresome, I simply fall asleep. My head drops down for a few seconds to a few minutes. Sometimes it’s just not dropping, nearly falling down the seat as well, but mostly a rapid dropping. This can happen hundreds of times a day. In this time I tend to either go into a REM state or hypnagogic state, where ill experience either a dreamlike state or simply experience some sort of action or move done by me, which hereafter I wake up, and my mind starts to ponder of what I just did, or if it was real or not. Having hundreds of these a day, confuses me a lot and aggravates my sleeping issues even to a higher level. I have even fallen asleep standing up in the bus, simply dropped to the floor. What really gets me is that no matter what I seem to do with this issue for instance: Diet, fixed sleeping times (few or many hours), and basic vitamin supplements of different kinds... etc. None have seemed to work so far. The fight with the health system has lasted for at least 10-12 years now. Some of the diagnoses have been: Epilepsy, Sleep apnea, and narcolepsy. Despite my docs best wishes the epilepsy meds didn’t help me. The sleep apnea tools have worked to some extent though since they found that sometimes I’m prone to the problems related to sleep apnea. But again, haven’t helped me with the issues. As states I have been treated with Ritalin for narcolepsy. This drug worked wonders for me, I could suddenly stay awake most of the time, felt more alert and I had spare energy in the daily life. However after a few months of treatment, the doc suddenly removed it and told me that there was some issue with the test, and he then concluded that I shouldn’t take it, despite it working so great for me. My current situation is that I get no meds at all to fight this, expect the sleep apnea tool which just doesn’t do it for me. I am at this point in life where I have burned 7 different educations, currently working on number 8. All of my friends, class mates, teachers etc. knows of my condition and accepts the fact that I sleep 6-7/10 of my education away; it’s really tough to keep up or even have some spare energy when I get home. Have heard rumors that if a person does not reach REM state during night, the sleeping issue will appear much rapidly. However when I fall asleep I nearly go directly to REM state, I even fear or sleeping sometimes because my dreams are always vivid, realistic, nightmarish as well. Can remember everything I dream and most mornings I need up to half an hour just getting back to reality. I do also suffer from lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis which is quite common for me. A thing that confuses me though is that if I am fully concentrated on something like working on my pc which is my 100% passion I rarely fall asleep, however it happens sometimes. When in conversation it’s also quite seldom I nod off. I should also note that I have no problems falling asleep at night, and fall directly to the dream state (this has been observed in the past under medical supervision). In the morning I am also extremely groggy and usually find alot of issues awaking to the alarm clock and even getting out of bed. I hope that some of you have an idea of what my issue might be. My doc seems to get tired of me, not being able to find a fix for my issues, so I want to be sure before I again start to push on fighting for a better health. What could my issue be and does any of this relate properly to be narcolepsy? Or might it be some other issue? Best Regards Stephan